Tools for the Trenches

Tools for the Trenches

 What's Inside the Bag Man?

Welcome back to our weekly blog, where we once again delve in to some of the content you can expect from the upcoming Rogue Trooper supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD.

So far, we've briefly introduced those who may not know the setting to the delights of Nu-Earth, and also discussed some of the species and careers that will be available to anyone wishing to take a tour of the planet-sized battlefront. Nu-Earth is an extremely dangerous place to the unwary, however, so you will definitely need some specialist equipment on hand to survive even a few seconds of its deadly atmosphere.

Nu-Earth's air has been traumatised by the war that has scoured its landscape, making it impossible for most forms of life to survive outside of the artificial atmospheres of the buildings and structures that dot the planet's surface. If you're human, you are definitely going to need some form of chemsuit to survive. Plus repair patches and emergency supplies to mend the inevitable bullet holes and tears that will undoubtedly happen. Luckily, chemsuits also provide a small amount of protection, just keep those patches handy!

Being a planet wracked by a war between two stubborn and intractable factions, there are also plenty of weapons on hand, from the G.I.s trusty rifle to laser cannons and grenades, there are plenty of options when you're seeking to charge the enemy lines. There is a plethora of standard and specialist gear, too, from rations to suit scanners, and anti-grav chutes to swim fins.

Beyond that, the Rogue Trooper book offers a large array of vehicular options to facilitate travel across the blasted landscape. Finally, however, we also delve into cybernetics and genetic enhancements. Rogue Trooper and his fellow G.I.s were all genetically enhanced, of course, and the Nort faction haven't shied from dabbling in genetic modification in their own efforts to win the war. If you fancy a new clone body, this sourcebook has you covered!

Now that you have your new weapons and wheels, it's time to hit the road and go exploring. Tune in next week...

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