Touring the Battlefield

Touring the Battlefield

Incoming Intel

Last week's blog revealed the news that we'll be touring the battlefield of Nu-Earth next in the forthcoming Rogue Trooper supplement. Although we are a little way off revealing fully laid out pages just yet, we can provide some reconnaissance on the contents of the book.

Obviously I'm more than a little biased but I really feel that we delivered something a little bit special with Strontium Dog. From the titular bounty hunter's career path to the cool gadgets and interlinked adventures, there is plenty of source material to draw players into Johnny Alpha's often bizarre world. With Rogue Trooper, I definitely feel we've taken things up another level again. I'll be taking a look at the delights on offer across the next few weeks, beginning with a character's species.

Although there have been several offshoots and even a complete reboot, the main comic strip followed the antics of Rogue Trooper himself as he trudged across the dangerous landscapes of Nu-Earth. Like the comic strip and its several branches, the options for species in the book will allow you to step into the shoes of the blue-skinned G.I.s, Souther or Nort humans, Norts twisted by the Strigoi taint, and even the brutish Sims. Plenty of options to explore a game from either side of the trenches, then. And yes, there is even advice on handling games with your bio-chipped buddies slotted into your gear!

With more than enough options for species on offer, there would need to be plenty of career choices to match. Which is the very subject we will take a look at in next week's blog!

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