From Green to Blue

From Green to Blue

Welcome to Nu-Earth. Paradise It Ain't!

The Strontium Dog supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD is now available to purchase! But with a whole new raft of Johnny Alpha wannabees making their way into the galaxy, what comes next? It's time to prepare for war on the poisoned soil of Nu-Earth!

Rogue Trooper follows hot on the heels of Strontium Dog and throws the players straight into the war between the barbarous Norts and seemingly more balanced Southers.

If you aren't familiar with the comic strip, Rogue Trooper sprang onto the pages of 2000 AD in issue 228 and, despite several reboots, has remained a popular character ever since. Even the PC game named after the titular hero has enjoyed a revamp recently!

Set on a decimated planet called Nu-Earth, Rogue Trooper initially followed the Genetic Infantryman known as Rogue as he set about hunting down the Traitor General - the sinister figure responsible for the massacre of every other Rogue. Our genetically enhanced hero doesn't go it alone, however, as he is accompanied by the personalities of some of his closest friends, whose minds are all safely stored in the bio-chips that every G.I. is fitted with. Gunnar, Bagman and Helm travel everywhere with Rogue, often serving as conscience and comedic counterpoint across the hellish landscape.

There have been plenty of spin-offs in the Rogue-verse also, such as the 86ers, Venus Bluegenes, Tor Cyan and Jaegir. All of which are covered in the upcoming supplement. What else can you expect inside the war-torn pages of the book? Tune in to the blog over the coming weeks to find out!

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