Earning Your Stripes

Earning Your Stripes

Joining Nu-Earth's... Heroes?

If you are familiar with the What's Old Is New (WOIN) system, you will be familiar with the fact that it uses a lifepath system for character creation. Offering more than just a bunch of stats and a few lines relating to a character's background, the lifepath system on offer across WOIN allow a player to delve into their character's history as they grow from an origin and step onto several careers.

(As a side note, if your aren't familiar with WOIN, you can explore the lifepath systems on offer over in the free Rules Reference Document [RRD])

In the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook, players can choose a background from civilian or perp origins and then follow those through to careers. There is, of course, the option to join the Academy of Law and take on a career as a Judge. But what careers are on offer across the blasted landscape of Nu-Earth?

In last week's blog, we revealed the types of species on offer within Rogue Trooper, which drew inspiration from both sides of the divide. The civilian and military careers on offer, however, can sometimes relate to both. A bounty hunter will work for the highest bidder will often work for the highest bidder, after all. There are enough options to flavour a character with a particularly loyalty if preferred, such as the elite Dust Devils of the Nort faction and the Gene-Genies of the Southers. There is even some fun to be had thanks to the... 'eccentric' inhabitants of Fort Neuropa.


Finally, it wouldn't be the Rogue Trooper sourcebook with the option of working through a career as a blue-skinned G.I. Players can choose from specialist careers such as demolitions, engineer or field medic and can eve complete training as an officer. There are even options and sound advice for including female G.I.s for anyone wanting to follow in the footsteps of iconic characters such as Venus Bluegenes. After all, Milli-Comm is always ready to throw any available asset onto the war-ravaged battlefields of Nu-Earth. Which is where we will pick up next week... the equipment available for surviving the planet's poisonous and deadly atmosphere.

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