To the Ends of Nu Earth

To the Ends of Nu Earth

Definitely Not a Vacation

Welcome to Nu Earth. It's an ugly planet. A toxic planet. You've fresh out of Milli-Com on your chosen career and have a few handy tools to keep you alive. Don't forget to read your Nu Earth Survival Guide once you're strapped into your drop pod. You will need every advantage you can get to have any hope of leaving alive!

Rogue Trooper has enjoyed a long run as a comic strip, which has seen the vengeful G.I. and his bio-chipped buddies complete an extensive tour of the toxic wastelands of Nu Earth. They've even made it beyond the planet's atmosphere on a few occasions, but that is blog for another time. From the Skum Sea to the polar regions, and Nu Paree to the Dix-I front, Rogue has wandered virtually the length and breadth of the planet. In the forthcoming Rogue Trooper RPG supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, the third chapter acts as a kind of gazetteer of all the sites, battlefields and cities that Rogue has ever visited.

As has been mentioned several times now, Nu Earth has been devastated by a brutal war. The toxic chemicals that are used with impunity have turned the atmosphere into a deadly environment and mutated many living and inanimate things into lethal hazards. The third chapter of the supplement serves as a broad overview of the environments, perils and unique places that players can expect to encounter. A comprehensive timeline of galactic developments, the war for Nu Earth and Rogue Trooper's involvement there is also included.

Of course, we also mentioned that Rogue and his crew also spent some time away from the planet, which is exactly where we'll be exploring next. Until then... synth out!

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