Into the Void

Into the Void

We've talked previously about the fact that there will be plenty of advice and options for running campaigns set across the war-torn landscapes of Nu Earth, plus a bunch of scenarios and an extended tour of the Dix-I battlefront.We've also previously revealed that the content of the book will explore regions beyond the bounds of the planet. So of course, it makes sense to have a chapter that offers a combination of the two! Strap yourselves in for a jaunt across the stars as we take a look the types of missions and campaigns on offer beyond the bounds of Nu Earth.

The eighth chapter of the Rogue Trooper supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD offers two full scenarios for players to enjoy, each one viewed from the perspective of one particular side of the interstellar war.

Spy in the Citadel takes a group of Nort PCs from the Stavka (pictured above) to the Souther base known as the Citadel. Stealth, persuasion and a dash of luck will be key here if the group wish to recover the Nort spies trapped in the fortress without too much incident.

Following on from that is a tense space adventure from the Souther perspective. Trapped aboard the scout vessel, Cassandra, the players much use all of the skill at their disposal as they try to avoid detection by a Nort warship. Hunted by Nu-Oktober is a thrilling addition to the adventures on offer within this fully loaded sourcebook for Rogue Trooper.

But that is not all! Make sure to check back in with Milli-Comm next week as we round out our jaunt across and beyond with the allies and adversaries that your players can expect to face.

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