In for the Long Haul

In for the Long Haul

Campaigning Across Nu Earth

If you haven't already gathered, Nu Earth is a deadly place that has been poisoned to the point of being extremely toxic to life. Yet still it remains the focus for a seemingly never-ending war between the Norts and Southers. Why would the player characters in a Rogue Trooper RPG ever want to end up there? And what schemes could they become embroiled in once they arrive?

Across the range of Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD products, we aim to provide players and GMs with as much advice as possible on establishing and running campaigns within the various settings. With three whole chapters dedicated to campaigns and sample scenarios, the Rogue Trooper supplement is certainly no different.

We will be taking a look at each of the three over the coming weeks, but begin our opening salvo with a look at the aptly named 'Rogue Trooper Campaigns' chapter.

The chapter opens with a discussion on the viewpoints of a campaign that can be explored on Nu Earth. There is the iconic G.I. campaign, of course, but the merits and trials of running a game involving civilians, perps, and law enforcement are also discussed - the Souther Military Police (of Fuzz) often get a bad rap in the comic strip, so playing one could offer plenty of fun. There is also the consideration of which side to take in the war, as both offer greatly differing viewpoints (though neither is really 'the good side').

After that, there are a plethora of random tables to help GMs with inspiration for creating campaigns and scenarios. From locations and mission goals, to random terrain features, settlement traits, random encounters, and the perils of rad clouds and asphyxiation.

The chapter finishes up with a look at the grim realities of war and the shock that this can inflict on a person, which is something that was very much portrayed within the comic strip. The war for Nu Earth is a brutal affair, with the stories told there serving to highlight many of the horrors that have been experienced on our own battlefields across the years. With that sobering thought, we can look forward to touring the Dix-I front in next week's installment...


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