Return to Hell

Return to Hell

Death on Dix-I Day

The previous installment of our blog explored the campaigns chapter of the Rogue Trooper supplement, which is our forthcoming release for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD. with plenty of advice and content for both budding and experienced GMs alike, the chapter's contents will help ground any campaign or scenario firmly on the poisoned soil of Nu Earth. Now that we've taken a look at the advice on offer, however, it's time to tour the DIx-I battlefield once again with a sample campaign that the sixth chapter offers. Top up your oxygen and check your magazines, it's going to be one hell of a fight!

In the Rogue Trooper comic strip, the Dix-I storyline was a significantly longer run than anything that had been printed previously. It was also an overwhelming Nort victory in the face of everything Rogue could throw at the advancing enemy. Offering an interconnected series of scenarios and events that follow the overall plot of the Dix-I campaign from the strip, the campaign in the RPG supplement breaks each major event of the Dix-I campaign into an episode for the GM to digest.

With twelve episodes to cover, each installment provides an overview of the Dix-I situation at the time of its occurrence - including how the story took place in the comic strip. Several scenes that can take place within each episode are then offered, with mechanical suggestions on how the players might overcome certain obstacles. Each scenario is then rounded out with a recommended list of allies, antagonists and innocent bystanders. In a similar vein to the Cursed Earth saga that follows Judge Dredd's epic journey across the wastelands of the same name, the Dix-I campaign also offers advice on including Rogue as a recurring ally for the players without having him overshadow the action or stealing the show.

This sixth chapter is the first of three that offers sample scenarios to play through, however, and with the Dix-I campaign at a close, next week's blog will look at some of the alternative missions players will be able to undertake on the blasted landscapes of Nu Earth.

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