Has Anyone Seen Bucky?

Has Anyone Seen Bucky?

It's Not All Hell

After the Hell of the Dix-I front, it's time to take a break from the long campaign in the form of some short scenarios. Luckily, the Mission Dossier chapter of the Rogue Trooper supplement has plenty to offer in that department. Tighten your chin straps and choose your mission, it's time to hot foot it into Nu Earth's history books!

As we've mentioned before, we try to ensure that each and every Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD product provides plenty of content for GMs to explore or make use of, which includes scenarios and campaign ideas. Where as the Dix-I chapter discussed previously offers content that follows an entire campaign, the Mission Dossiers chapter offers short seeds that can be used independently as one-shots or else dropped into homebrew campaigns.

Several scenarios are offered, from tangling with the mighty Devil Tank to contending with the oddball residents of Fort Neuropa. While many of these are largely based on events that occurred within the comic strip, the final and largest scenario is a totally new installment that invites the characters to tackle a rescue mission for the poster boy of the Souther military: Bucky Aurora. Can the players rescue the actor who portrays Aurora for the big sceen, or will the deserters who kidnapped him simply decide he isn't worth the trouble?

All in all, there are plenty of seeds and scenarios that will ensure GMs are never lacking for an idea to drop into a Nu Earth campaign. In next week's installment, we ship out from the planet and take a look at some missions that can be offered in other areas of the galaxy!

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