Filling the Ranks

Filling the Ranks

An Apocalyptic Cast

In this week's installment of our Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD blog, our last piece until the supplement's release, we take at look at the final chapter for the Apocalypse War sourcebook. It's time to gather a motley crew and line up a list of likely suspects as we take a look at an Apocalyptic Cast!

This is it. The final blog post delving into the supplement that will drag your characters into a truly apocalyptic war. We've looked at new careers, equipment, locations and several new scenarios that will also be included. However, no setting book or adventure would be complete without the cast that drive the story forward. While the PCs rightly take the front seat there, there are also any number of non-player characters on hand to help shape and frame events. Enter out final chapter.

The Apocalypse War story line and the events that preceded it introduced a whole new panoply of characters to Judge Dredd's world, not least in the form of the SOV Judges and their robotic allies. Which means that you can safely bet on a good number of SOV-side NPCs in this chapter. From Satellats and Sentenoids to Black Guard and Spetnaz, this chapter has you covered. All led by the evil War Marshall Kazan himself, of course.

And for those opposing the SOV forces, this chapter takes a fresh look at Judge Dredd at this stage of his career and also provides statistics for the doomed Judge Giant and Judge Smiley. (Yes. THAT Judge Smiley.) There are even some citizens on hand to help with the resistance fight, including Joe's chief informant, Max Normal and the crazed Maria.

Finally, for those of you who would like to run a game that takes place on the other side of the Black Atlantic, the chapter also provides statistics for some of the beasts that populate the SOV-Blocks wilderness, including Squidepedes, polar bears and Mongolian Death Worms.  Much like with the Cursed Earth, other forms of 'life' outside the East Meg cities are not to be taken lightly.

Which brings us neatly to the end of this insight into the Apocalypse War. Make sure to check back in next week for something completely different!

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