War Stories

War Stories

Tales of the Apocalypse

The Apocalypse War inferno continues to rage, even as we close in on the end of our blog that has been taking a peek behind the covers of the supplement exploring this era for the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD tabletop roleplaying game. We've spent the previous two weeks exploring the Black Atlantic and Sector 13 with a particular eye for the stories that can be told there. This week we are back with more adventure seeds drawn from across the entire conflict. Put down your Stub Gun and pull up a sandbag, it's time for some Tales of the Apocalypse!

Even though this chapter is the penultimate one for the Apocalypse War supplement, it certainly doesn't mean the war is simmering down! This cracking chapter contains another entire scenario pitched from the viewpoint of the Sov Judges, plus a number of smaller seeds and starting points to help GMs build their own stories within the framework of the deadly conflict that serves as the backdrop for this book.

Titled Voin's Heroes, the larger scenario in this chapter begins at the height of the war, just as the East-Meg One forces begin to become sure of their ultimate victory. Charged with mopping up any resistance from Mega-City One Judges and rounding up its citizens, the PCs encounter the mighty war hero known as Colonel Voin who arrives in a timely manner to save them from disaster. Normal duties eventually resume but it's only a short time later that word filters to the front concerning the total destruction of East-Meg One. With the Sov-Block forces and disarray and no-one really sure of their orders, Colonel Voin makes an appearance once again and takes command of the PCs for one final mission. But can he be trusted? Or is there some other sinister motive behind his plan?


Shorter scenario seeds arrive in the wake of Voin's Heroes, each designed to serve as a springboard of inspiration for a GM to further develop their own missions and misadventures set during and around the devastation of the war. War of Shadows offer the potential for black ops using undercover agents on both sides of the Black Atlantic. Meanwhile, Let's Do the Apocalypse send the PCs out into the chaos of the devastated ruin that once resembled Mega-City One in search of loved ones. Then there's Pat Waggon, which sees the players team up with the A.I. for a battle-damaged tank. And none of that is enough to keep you warm until the war's finally over, there is also a nifty table for creating random missions.  Huzzah!

Make sure you check in soon for the final installment of our blog exploring the Apocalypse War. next time, we take a look at some of the enemies and allies you might find hidden amongst the ruined streets!

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