Red or Blue

Red or Blue

Apocalyptic Careers

In this week's blog for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, we continue looking ahead to the Apoclypse War supplement and all the horrors and heroics of war that are contained therein. Last week, we covered the story line that unfolded in the pages of the comic, which approximately equates to the first chapter of the roleplaying game supplement where the timeline is explored plus blockmania and the SOV-Block are introduced. Following on from this, your players will be able to choose their side in the war thanks to a whole raft of career options in the second chapter. Time to pick your choice of weapon: Lawgiver or Klasher?

The first thing to note concerning the careers chapter for this supplement is its focus on species, origins and careers from the SOV-Block itself. The core rulebook and subsequent books provide plenty of options for Mega-City One residents. With lots of source material concerning SOV-Block to draw on, it made a lot of sense to include options for characters from the other side of the Black Atlantic. That's not to say that there are zero career options from Mega-City One's side of the ocean but more on that later.

The chapter opens with by taking a look at already established species options from a SOV-Block point of view. Mutants, clones and robots are all discussed, plus a whole new type of uplift is included. After that, the text explores new civilian and perp origins and careers for SOV-Block citizens, plus a handful of options for less patriotic individuals. Players could lost years in a gulag,earned a living as a diver or rig operator or sought their fortune as a sky pirate.

The SOV Judge options hot on the heels of civilians and perps. Rules for handling a SOV Judge's upbringing are included and relatable options from Judge careers available in the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook are also presented. There are also plenty of SOV Judge specific careers available, such as Murder Academy training, a stint as an Anti-Insurgency Judge, a life on the high seas as an East Meg Naval Judge and much more besides, including a whole host special careers. Plus there's even a special inclusion for Mega-City One Judges!

That's it for this week's deep delve into the Apocalypse War. Check back in next week as we take a brief interlude to bring some very special news relating to Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD!

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