A Whole New Toybox

A Whole New Toybox

Apocalyptic Tools

Returning to our primer of the upcoming Apocalypse War supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, we take a look at the second chapter of the book and thumb through some of the new equipment you will find available from both sides of the war. Check your rad tabs and prime your electrowhip, it's time to explore some new Tools for the Apocalypse!

The Apocalypse War epic is a brutal story line that alters the face of the planet and the Big Meg forever. It also introduces the Sov-Block and the different types of technology and equipment they are able to employ. While this chapter doesn't tackle anything on as grand a scale as the Apocalypse Warp - the mighty shield that transports Mega-City One's retaliatory nuclear warheads to an alternate dimension - it does have some iconic Sov gear on offer.

After an initial discussion on Sov currency and the equivalent values in credits, the chapter takes a more militaristic bent. This is the Apocalypse War after all, soldier! New items for stealth-related tasks become available, including the Stealth Glider that will swiftly get your from A to B with little risk of detection, plus a terrifying psychological tool that the Sov-Block employ to keep the populace in line.

After a taste of gunge from the oft-misunderstood Otto Sump, the chapter then heads straight into some of the different melee and ranged weapons available. From the electrowhip and the frost blade to the Klasher and the phobic pulser, a whole new raft of weapons hit the market direct from Sov-Block sources. A handful of explosives and snow or sea themed armour then leads in to the heavyweight section of this chaper: vehicles.


East-Meg One's invasion of the Big Meg was led by some serious machinery, including the ray-shaped Strato-V, the relentless Rad-Sweeper tanks, and he deadly Sentenoid robots. While the latter have a home in the NPC chapter of this supplement, there are plenty of vehicle options available, including some that will allow for travel both above and below the surface of the Black Atlantic. There is even a special mention for the Weather Wagons that support the huge Weather Control Stations that manipulates the weather above Mega-City One.

With a raft of new East-Meg themed options available, a whole new world of equipment and tools are now available to the players. Hopefully they'll find something suitable to see them through the Apocalypse! That's it for this week's blog. Check back in next week for some more Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD-related news.

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