A Hive of Scum & Villainy

A Hive of Scum & Villainy

The Galaxy's Worst Criminals

In our Strontium Dog deep dive so far, we've talked about the titular mutant bounty hunters themselves, the career paths that can be followed, the amount of credits that can be earned and the cool gadgets that Stronts get to throw around. But just who exactly do the Strontium Dogs get to chase after? It's time to check your warrant scanner for the worst the galaxy has to offer...

In keeping with the other supplements for the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD RPG line (currently Luna-1, Robot Wars and Cursed Earth), Strontium Dog offers a plethora of non-player characters for GMs to bring to the table. Although not all of them are lawbreakers, there is a veritable rogue's gallery of villains ranging from rogue S/D Agents to out-and-out villainous scum.

The NPC chapter itself is divided into sections that provide profiles for S/D Agents - including Johnny Alpha, Wulf and others - Rogue Agents, Noted Criminals, Other Outlaws, Mutants and Norms, Aliens and Robots, Supernatural Opponents, plus there's even a section to cater for Combatants from Other Eras.

Even though there is an entire campaign to play through in a separate chapter, the NPC chapter offers statistics for some of Johnny's most infamous enemies, inlcuding Max Bubba and his gang, Darkus and his Howlers, Kansyr, Malak Brood and many more. Each profile also provides an overview of their appearance within the comic strip, which, when combined with their statistics, allows players the opportunity to interact with these notable villains as part of their own epic sagas.

The galaxy is a huge place to explore with seemingly no end to the number of outlaws causing havoc out there. What are you waiting for, Stront? Get out there and earn your creds!

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