Back on the Galactic Trail

Back on the Galactic Trail

Everyone Has a Price

We took a short interlude during last week's blog to unleash Judge Cal on the unsuspecting public, but we are back to delve once again into some of the content you can expect in the forthcoming Strontium Dog supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD.

The galaxy that Johnny Alpha and his fellow Strontium Dogs inhabit is often a wild and dangerous place, particularly on the extremes and frontier planets where the Galactic Crime Commission (GCC) and local law enforcement agencies struggle to maintain an honest presence. Even so-called civilised worlds host their fair share of criminal empires and illicit activities.

Rather than place valuable agents in the firing line to deal with these lawbreakers, the GCC turn to the Search/Destroy Agency and offer payment for their members' services. With mutants banned from owning property and gaining employment, becoming an S/D Agent, or Strontium Dog, offers one of very few methods for mutants to earn a living. Either that, or a life of crime... and so the circle perpetuates itself.

Bounties themselves can range from a few thousand credits for low-life criminals with barely a name to themselves, to the hundreds of thousands for the deadliest outlaws the galaxy has ever known. Bounty hunting is a lucrative business for a mutant if they can survive long enough to enjoy their hard-earned credits. In purely mechanical terms, however, large amounts of credits can sometimes carry game-breaking consequences. Hitler himself warranted a 1,000,000cr bounty during the time-hopping Schicklgruber Grab storyline of the comic strip!

Luckily, the Strontium Dog sourcebook offers some strong advice on different methods to absorb this facet of bounty-hunting whilst staying true to the source material. We'll leave to the text of the book to explain.


And remember, even Johnny Alpha received a visit from the tax man. Nobody is safe from the Inspector of Taxes, not even the galaxy's toughest bounty hunters!

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