A Stront's Best Friend

A Stront's Best Friend

Check the Armoury

In last week's blog, we talked about the advice on offer within the Strontium Dog roleplaying game for handling the large sums of credits that are on offer for the more dangerous bounties. A Dog's life isn't all about taxes, tithes and travel, however. They also have some very cool gadgets available to spend their hard-earned cash on.

With the galaxy as their playground, S/D Agents have some outstanding toys on offer to grant them an edge. From blaster diverting Beam Polarizer's to the time-rewinding Time Drogues, Strontium Dogs have an array of weird equipment for purchase to help bring in the vilest of criminals. Oh, and if none of those work, there's always a pocket nuke!

S/D Agents shouldn't worry too much about facing these gadgets themselves, as almost all of them are strictly controlled by the Galactic Crime Commission (GCC). The GCC is the large administration that oversees galactic policies and wide-reaching law enforcement, including the Strontium Dogs. Some items in Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD are marked with a J for availability, meaning they are restricted to use by the Justice Department. In Strontium Dog, however, the J has been replaced by a G for GCC.

Bizarre equipment aside, there are also a variety of weapons available for purchase, including Johnny Alpha's preferred sidearm: the Westinghouse Variable-Cartridge Blaster. In a similar manner to the Lawgivers that the Judges use, the Westinghouse has a feature that allows the user to select the type of ammunition they will be using. From the standard No.1 shot, to the beam-launched plasma explosions of the No.4, this weapon usually has an answer for any situation.

So what are you waiting for, Stront? Get yourself over to the armoury pick up the best the equipment the GCC has to offer for tackling your next bounty!

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