Escape from Old New York

Escape from Old New York

Fuelling the Resistance

You've chosen your side, prepared yourself for the new changes Cal has ushered in, and grabbed yourself some gear to help you get through the dark days ahead. Now that you're fully prepared, you aren't just going to sit it out, right? Of course not! Which is why we made sure to include plenty of scenarios and story seeds in the forthcoming The Day the Law Died supplement. Get ready to undertake a daring rescue as we take a look at the first of the adventures from the book: Escape from Old New York.

Of course, we appreciate that many of you will be playing through these scenarios, so we'll try and keep the blog as spoiler free as possible.

As you can see from the artwork taken from the comic book story line, Chief Judge Cal removed Mayor Grubb from office for speaking out against his tyranny. Which is where our adventure begins. (If you haven't read through the events by the way, yes, that really is a Judge in a dress.)

As players, you will be able to take part in or try to prevent a daring rescue attempt to recover Mayor Grubb. It all depends on which side of the Law you have chosen to stand on during Cal's reign. The setup builds around a group of Mega-City One Judges who have been seconded to Mega-City Two for a while, so they have managed to escape Cal's subliminal subversion tactics. There are plenty of options built in which allow this to be run using Judges loyal to Cal, civilians trying to help the mayor, or even perps trying to profit from rescue.

As the title of the scenario indicates, Mayor Grubb is being held deep within the dilapidated boundaries of the region once known as New York. Locked up in an asylum under heavy guard, the players will need their wits about them as they try to break in, make their way through the floors, and then escape via grav chute into the shadowy streets. If you are loyal to Cal, on the other hand, you will be trying to stop that from happening!

Escape from Old New York is a tense, action-packed scenario with plenty of opportunity for zany antics. There is a lot tucked away in this adventure for players and GMs to have fun with - things we didn't want to reveal in the blog. But there is still more to come yet! Check back in next week as we take a look at some of the case files available during the curfew.

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