Tools for Survival

Tools for Survival

Equipped for the Worst

Judge Cal's reign over Mega-City One was certainly a torturous one for its citizens during the events of The Day the Law Died. In last week's blog, we took a stroll through the chapter of our forthcoming supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD that examines exactly what life had in store for the residents of the Big Meg under Cal. This week, we take a look at some of the tools that might just save your life if you find yourself playing in a campaign set within this turbulent time period. Prime your Pat Wagons and polish your baseball bats as we take at look at some new equipment.

Even though it is the slimmest of the chapters in the book, the pages of Tools for Survival still manage to pack a punch. Prior to the Apocalypse War - which occurs just a short time later in the timeline - Pat Wagons were a wheeled affair with a totally different design to those introduced after the devastation. This chapter provides statistics for these motorised patrol vehicles, plus rules for Cal's own version of Justice One, VIP hover cars, ambulances and other modes of transport.

The Day the Law Died story line also introduced the aliens known as Kleggs to the universe of Judge Dredd, although they also feature in later stories. Among other items, the equipment chapter provides statistics for the hardy battle suits this reptilian species wear into combat. There are also a couple of new weapons to test out on the range.

One of the more interesting and less mechanical sections of this chapter, however, delves into health and medical laws in Mega-City One across the centuries, including regulations concerning cybernetics and transplants. There's even a section dedicated to home cloning kits, the laws for which were relaxed during Cal's dictatorship. (Though this freedom was quickly revoked as Justice Department began returning to normal.)

That's it for this week's installment. Check back in next week as we begin working our way through some of the scenarios you might find yourself in whilst under Cal's tyrannical grip.

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