Fugitives, Loyalists and Rebels

Fugitives, Loyalists and Rebels

Choosing Sides

Judge Cal didn't just take control of Mega-City 1 overnight. Well, it did effectively happen in one fell swoop, but the foundations for his subversion of the Chief Judge's role took a little planning. His schemes involved serious manipulation of the Judges from a truly invasive level that left very few to oppose him. Which is the lens through which we view this week's blog. Whose side do you choose?

In last week's blog, we took a look at the SJS. The Judges who watch over the Judges. What roles can you expect to find within the sourcebook that draws from the story line that first introduced them? Alongside plenty of other Judge career paths, the Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD core rulebook already offers an opportunity to enjoy a career as an SJS Judge. Rather than overwrite an already excellent option, we chose to broaden the scope and relate choices to events that happen within The Day the Law Died.

This means you will already find plenty of options available before you even hit careers within this chapter. Later advice to GMs provides guidance on running games within this time frame as either supporters or opponents of Cal's reign, which also relates back to the choices in this chapter. You can choose any species as normal but now have the option of playing as Troggies or Kleggs. Both of which also have their own origins.

There are a solid set of new career paths running the range of civilians, perps and Judges, plus some Klegg and Troggie-specific entries. Focusing once again on the Judges, however, the chapter offers up Judge Tutor and Elk Squad Judge as new specialty Judge careers, plus the frightening Undercover SJS Judge career option; SJS Judges masquerading as a Judge from another department in order to conduct covert observation and investigation. Resistance Judge, Undercity Long Walk Judge and Wall Judge almost round out the options but we finish by offering options for Corrupt Judges.

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to choosing your side. Just beware, as Cal is always watching your every move! Check back in next week as we take a look at Chapter 3: Life Under Cal.

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