Dredd, Xenomorphs, 5E... Oh My!

Dredd, Xenomorphs, 5E... Oh My!

Welcome to this week's EN Publishing news update! This week we have new 5E content, a look at two upcoming Judge Dredd adventures, a xenomorph-themed adventure for WOIN, and more!

Death of the Author

Our Kickstarter for ZEITGEIST: Death of the Author ended successfully, and PDFs have already been sent to backers, with softcovers to follow.

Keep an eye out for our next Kickstarter, Over the Next Hill 2, launching next week.

EN5ider #405 - Mini-Adventure: Lucky Copper Inn

Ready for a good night's rest? EN5ider has just the place! It's so great you'll never want to leave. Which is good because you'll always end up back there.

The day of adventuring has been long and arduous, but the party have proven victorious and enjoy a night of reverie in the Lucky Copper Inn. Following a good night's rest they set out again, this time upon a new quest, making it within 10 miles of the next town and bedding down in the wilderness to prepare for another trek tomorrow—only to awaken at the Lucky Copper Inn. No matter where they go every morning their surroundings are the same no matter where they sleep! This supplemental adventure for 4–5 PCs of 5th–9th level was dreamily designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Indi Martin, and features the cartography of Dyson Logos.

Tip of the Spear

The next episode in our all-new xenomorph tale, Tip of the Spears, sends the PCs deeper into the sinister investigation. An adventure for the WOIN system which you can find over on EONS, the official WOIN patreon


Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD

We have posted a couple of news updates and previews about upcoming Judge Dredd books coming soon!

  • A Galaxy of Adventure! If you are a regular reader of our blog or a fan of Judge Dredd, you'll likely already know that the epic Judge Child saga sees Old Stoney Face jet far beyond the solar system on the trail of Owen Krysler, the Judge Child. We've recently been providing sneak peeks of the supplement but now it's time to focus on some finer detail in the form of the campaign and adventures contained within the book.
  • Keeping Faith! Drawing on our precognitive powers over the last few weeks, we've been taking a sneak peek at the Judge Child supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD in recent blogs, but that isn't the only product we've been working on throughout the year. There is still plenty to follow! Let's take a quick look ahead and remind ourselves of some of the exciting material we have in the works behind the interstellar adventures of Judge Dredd.

The Judge Child is out imminently, with Apocalypse War fast on its heels! Keep an eye out for them!

Level Up: Capstones & Electronic Tools

We posted two blog updates about our upcoming game, Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. The Kickstarter is only a few weeks away now, and this is the biggest project we've ever undertaken in 20 years of publishing!

  • Level Up & Electronic Tools. With weeks to go before the big Kickstarter launches, we wanted to share some of the other work we’ve been doing. Alongside the actual hardcover books, we want to be sure there is robust electronic support for our game.
  • What’s In A Capstone? A capstone feature represents the highest point of your adventuring career: that special ability you get when you reach 20th level in your chosen class. It’s a reward for countless adventures — and, of course, you usually get it just as your adventuring career ends.

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