A Galaxy of Adventure

A Galaxy of Adventure

Date With Destiny

If you are a regular reader of our blog or a fan of Judge Dredd, you'll likely already know that the epic Judge Child saga sees Old Stoney Face jet far beyond the solar system on the trail of Owen Krysler, the Judge Child. We've recently been providing sneak peeks of the supplement but now it's time to focus on some finer detail in the form of the campaign and adventures contained within the book. If you're a regular player of Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, don't worry, we'll try to keep the rundown as spoiler free as possible so that you can still enjoy the surprises! Put out the emergency call, it's time to take refuge!


Written by John White and following hot on the heels of Chapter 5: Gazetteer of the Galaxy, the sixth chapter of the supplement is a sweeping walk through of the story from the original comic strip, albeit one written with a view to supporting GMs who are looking to play through each scenario as part of an epic campaign. Broken down into episodes from the comics, each scene provides details of how the action originally transpired then offers GM tips on how to translate that to the tabletop RPG, including page references for any relevant NPCs. As always with our supplements, we aim also to provide as many options as possible, so this chapter includes advice on running the Judge Child saga with Judges, civilians, perps, and even bounty hunters - we'll leave it up to you as to whether that includes Doghouse types!

After that epic run through we head into two fully-formed scenarios, both written by Ben Rogers. Although both adventures tie in to the events of the Judge Child saga, we wanted to include an interstellar option and one that was a little more Earth-bound, the latter of which will especially suit GMs looking for additional Mega-City One scenarios without ever launching into space. Enter Refuge Refused and On Ratty's Tail!

The first adventure, which also forms Chapter 6, places the PCs onto a Refuge Station after their ship becomes damaged. Yes, that is a mighty map of a Refuge Station for them to enjoy all sorts of misadventures within its confines! All is not as it seems, however, as the body count soon starts to rise and the PCs are dragged in to uncovering who, or what, is responsible.

Then we head into On Ratty's Trail, which actually takes place shortly after Judge Dredd and his crew return to the Big Meg. Discovering that Joe and co. were responsible for the death of his family, Fink Angel and his constant companion Ratty slip into the city bent on revenge. The PCs soon become embroiled in events and are tasked with tracking down the deadly killer before he can complete his self-imposed mission. Is that a map of Resyk we spy? Time to quote the words of a famous song: "Let the bodies hit the floor!"

That's it for this week. Check back in soon for more news!

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