Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

Drawing on our precognitive powers over the last few weeks,, we've been taking a sneak peek at the Judge Child supplement for Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD in recent blogs, but that isn't the only product we've been working on throughout the year. There is still plenty to follow! Let's take a quick look ahead and remind ourselves of some of the exciting material we have in the works behind the interstellar adventures of Judge Dredd.

Following hot on the heels of the Judge Child - quite literally atomically hot - we have the Apocalypse War supplement. Written by our stalwart 2000 AD aficionados, Ben Rogers and John White, the Apocalypse War sourcebook covers the epic titular story line from the comics.  East-Meg One launches an all-out assault on Mega-City One, resulting in the annihilation of millions of souls and changing the landscape of the Big Meg forever. Will the players hold out as part of Judge Dredd's desperate resistance against the red tide? Or will they choose to the uniform of a Sov-Judge and join the assault against the old enemy?

An apocalyptic war is a tough act to follow but is something that our next supplement does terrifyingly well. Taking a break from Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000 AD, we delve into a horror-themed setting with tales of demonic possession. Written by Richard August and presented in the style of other WOIN Presents sourcebooks such as The Fall of Somerset Landing, The Possessed offers a whole new style of gameplay as the players join the battle of good vs evil. With the souls of humanity at stake, do they the faith needed to stand against the darkness?

And then for something completely different... If you are a supporter of our EONs patreon - for which we sincerely thank you - you'll have been enjoying regular additions to the WOIN line in the form of adventures, optional rules, mythological figures, new playable species, and additional and foes for to bring to your tabletop. With three genres of play to choose from in the form of OLD, NOW, and NEW, we have agreed that a sourcebook pulling all of the creatures into one place is something that is not only sorely lacking but also frequently asked for. So by popular demand, we are pouring our hearts, souls and acidic blood into a comprehensive bestiary that will pull all of our critters and creatures into one place!

And if that's not enough for you, we have some exciting news coming this very week about the long-awaited Judge Child sourcebook. Stay tuned!

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