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ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution #9: The Last Starry Sky PDF

ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution #9: The Last Starry Sky PDF

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Welcome to the ninth adventure in the ZEITGEIST adventure path.

This is the 5th Edition version of this adventure.

The conspiracy known as the Obscurati prepares to assassinate the king of Risur and perform a grand ritual. Stars will fall from the heavens, and a new age will begin wherein all must obey. Only the party can avert this coming doomsday, but they are stranded across the looking glass.

In the realm of the fey - a bright reflection of reality known as the Dreaming - the murder of a beloved man has provoked a civil war. The party cannot make their way home on their own, and the Unseen Court, pledged as allies to Risur, will not lend aid until the mystery is resolved. Can the party find the killer, save the king, and free their homeland from the yoke of the Obscurati before the world witnesses its last starry sky?

An adventure for inveterate heroes of levels 15-16.