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ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution #8: Diaspora PDF

ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution #8: Diaspora PDF

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Welcome to the eighth adventure in the ZEITGEIST adventure path!

This is the 5th Edition version of this adventure.

The Great Malice. Five centuries ago the death of a goddess triggered widespread upheaval, setting the stage for the modern industrial revolution. But for the eladrin of Elfaivar, the tragedy left behind a crippled people who scattered across the world with little sense of common identity.

In the ruins of Elfaivar, the party must locate Kasvarina Varal, a founder of the Obscurati who has lost her memories. With the aid of an artifact that an manifest the past in physical form, they can retrace her steps across five hundred years, restore her identity while gaining her trust, and recover secrets that will reveal how to thwart the conspiracy's grand design.

A fantasy adventure for perdurable heroes of levels 13-14.

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