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ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution #10: Godmind PDF

ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution #10: Godmind PDF

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Welcome to the tenth adventure in the ZEITGEIST adventure path.

This is the 5th Edition version of this adventure.

The Obscurati have won.  Across the world, peoples' minds turn to rationality and industriousness - ideals of Nicodemus, the conspiracy's founder.  But even as the Ob form a world government, strange side effects of this Great Eclipse begin to arise.

Thoughts in crowds begin to link into great hiveminds, subsuming free will and even manifesting as monsters.  Ancient titans long ago subdued by the ways of magic awaken and content for their land.  And the sun and the stars themselves have vanished, save for an ominous nebula shaped like two crushing gears, which grows slowly closer day by day.

Only the nation of Risur resists the Ob's control, and its people look to the heroes for salvation.  Will they be able to defend their homeland and thwart the Obscurati's plans to unify all civilization, before those efforts awakan an all-consuming horror: a Godmind?

An adventure for rebellious heroes of level 17.

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