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What's OLD is NEW Starter Box Set

What's OLD is NEW Starter Box Set

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Gorgeous boxed set for this flexible TTRPG with rulebook, adventures, characters, poster maps, tokens--and an open license!

This all-new What's OLD is NEW (WOIN) Starter Box is perfect for those new to the game, or for existing GMs looking to introduce players to the system. The boxed set comes with:

  •  A 68-page softcover rulebook (including a bestiary)
  • Three 20-page softcover adventures (one fantasy, one modern, one sci-fi)
  • Three double-sided poster-sized battlemaps
  • Over 60 cardboard tokens for characters and monsters
  • 18 pregenerated character handouts
  • 8 six-sided dice
  • VTT Asset Pack (tokens and maps)
  • OGL, CC, & ORC open licenses

About (W.O.I.N.) What's OLD is NEW

What's OLD is NEW uses a flexible d6 dice pool system and lifepath character creation rules. It's a mid-crunchy game (about as crunchy as 5E, although very different in design). The starter set is a streamlined expression of the rules designed to get you started.

Every character has a number of core attributes (such as STRENGTH, LOGIC, CHARISMA, or MAGIC) and a number of skills (such as climbing, swords, piloting, medicine, or singing). When you perform an action, you combine an attribute with a skill, and roll the combined dice pool against a target number.

Modifiers to an action add or remove dice from your dice pool. Trying to climb a wall? That's probably AGILITY (climbing). In the rain? That's one die less. Using a rope? That's two extra dice. Adding or subracting modifiers is a very 'physical' act.

Starter Set Rulebook

The starter box includes a 68-page softcover book which contains all the rules you need to start play, such as attribute checks, combat, magic, psionics, chi, a selection of equipment from each genre, and nearly 40 monsters and foes.

Inside the rulebook you'll also find a bestiary of nearly 40 fantasy, modern, and sci-fi monsters and foes to challenge your heroes.

Maps & Tokens

The starter box comes with three reversible poster maps, a wide selection of cardstock tokens, and a handful of dice! The maps and tokens are also included for use with Virtual Tabletops in the free VTT Asset Pack.

The 18 pregenerated characters in this boxed set are divided into three groups--six characters for each genre (fantasy, modern, and sci-fi).

The Adventures

This starter box contains three 20-page adventures, one for each era of play, along with a selection of 18 pregenerated characters.

Dilemma and Decay

The stench of decomposing vegetation and stagnant water hangs in the air like a thick, inescapable fog, permeating the once-vibrant Verdalon Woods. Can the Grey Fellowship find the culprit responsible and undo the damage, or is it too late to reverse this most unnatural of disasters? A fantasy adventure by Anthony Alipio.

Habits and Happenstance

When the Alpha Squad witnesses a violent attack upon a supposedly innocent bystander, they're drawn into a web of conspiracy, corruption, and... public transportation? To solve the mystery - and stay alive - the party must ally with an ancient order of nuns; learn how to exploit their enemy's weaknesses; and possibly even commit a high-stakes subway train heist. A modern horror adventure by DM Sarah.

The Silence of Zephdon Station

A distress signal from Zephdon Station prompts the megacorporation Chen Zua to recruit a group of spacefarers to investigate, rescue any personnel on board, and salvage important data from the research facility. But the space station hides a dark secret, and this mission quickly becomes a much more complicated task than the crew of the starship Murphy signed up for! A science fiction adventure by Mike Myler.

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