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Villain Spotlight: Jaxi the Blightgunner (D&D 5e)

Villain Spotlight: Jaxi the Blightgunner (D&D 5e)

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A Villain for your 5th Edition game.

Although they are certainly places of decay and death, swamps are also home to a great deal of life and they bustle with activity—the popping of gasses rising out of the muck, the chittering of insects ever searching for food, and in Chokewater, the clack of colliding lead firing off an explosive charge from Jaxi's rifle!

The Blightgunner has fiercely protected her lair for 16 years now, though she has long since ceased loving her home and desperately searches for a way to escape its influence without giving up the powers it has bestowed upon her.

In addition to her statblock (CR 7) this article includes a trio of magic items: an acid bullet recipe, drypowder, and Thorncase. Designed by Peter Martin, illustrated by Herman Lau and Savage Mojo.

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