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To Stake A Vampire: Part 3 (D&D 5e)

To Stake A Vampire: Part 3 (D&D 5e)

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The hunt for the ancient evil threatening to overwhelm Holdenshire reaches its end! With the Order of Light's weaponry in hand the adventurers finally come into confrontation with Lord Pemberton and learn his dark secret, then travel beneath Brockendale Castle where they once more butt heads with their adventuring competition—though this time Old Jovan and his crew are quite different than in their last encounter! Afterwards the party must avoid or best victims of the primordial vampire and his powerful pets before they can forge through the Dark River, then test their mettle against Gortag the Mad's maze. More horrors await the PCs in the abattoir that contains Nemirtvi's Vein, and at the end of the unnaturally dark and dangerous stairwell beneath it finally the adventurers come face to face with their foe in a duplicitous battle that your players will be talking about for years to come. Can the party bring an end to the primordial vampire once and for all, or are they doomed the moment they set foot into Nemirtvi's Lair? Includes the memory crystal hazard, five new traps (False Path, Forgotten Route, Maddening Gas, Unholy Blight, Unholy Ice Javelins), two maps, and 8 creatures: Corrupted Bluestone (CR 5), Corrupted Mossad (CR 5), Corrupted Jovan (CR 6), Corrupted Andrew Nemeth (CR 6), Mongrelwarrior (CR 1), Mongrelmage (CR 3), Lord Pemberton (CR 6), and Nemirtvi the Vampire Lord (CR 14).

Also get ready for next month because THIS ADVENTURE PATH IS CONTINUING with To Smite A Fiend!

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