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Terrible Treasures & Frightful Fables For D&D 5E

Terrible Treasures & Frightful Fables For D&D 5E

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This collection of magical items and horror-themed adventures will be with you before the end of October, ready for your D&D 5E Halloween sessions! This 48-page softcover book includes:

Five magical masks, fashioned out of a monstrous creature's visage, which imbue 5E characters with the powers of the monsters they depict.
Nine new magical items to help you combat or embrace the terrors of the night.
Two horror-themed adventures in fantastical cities for adventurers to explore.
GM advice on how to run gothic horror adventures from Brandes Stoddard.
If you're not sold yet, let us mention that one of the adventures in this book includes a velociraptor mummy lord!

Two adventures you say?

Día de los Dinosaurios Muertos. You've heard of the Day of the Dead... but what happens when the dead are dinosaurs? When the raptors awaken to find their land overrun by hairless apes, they plot to reclaim their legacy. A 17-page adventure for 4-5 PCs of 14th-level.
Red Fangs in a White Night. The city of White Night is named for the enormous magical dome that surrounds it, a work of magical artifice that not only blocks divination magic—it also dulls the sun in the sky and denies the moon. A 15-page adventure for 4 PCs of 7th level.

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