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Tabi's Automata (D&D 5e)

Tabi's Automata (D&D 5e)

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Tabi is a gnomish inventor and tinkerer who specializes in clockwork devices, particularly small automata designed to help adventurers and laborers with annoying but necessary tasks. These items are available for rent or lease, but she is quite reluctant to sell them as each is a labor of love—so all of them are time sensitive and if a client tries to abscond with the device it might stop working, becoming a nonfunctional assembly of gears, pistons and pulleys, or even be rigged to self-destruct if mishandled or stolen. These 10 mechanical wonders are extremely expensive to buy but are available for renting with a sizable deposit, so try out a Clockwork Mule to carry things about, a Map Minder to avoid getting lost, or consider a Mr. Handy to help out during the next dungeon delve! Dynamically designed by Anthony Pryor, illustrated by Xanditz.

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