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Speaking With Fists (D&D 5e)

Speaking With Fists (D&D 5e)

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It's not only monks who fight with their fists - these subclasses for the barbarian, fighter, rogue (and, yes, one for the monk) bring out the pugilist in a variety of classes!

The barbarian's fists are as strong as tempered steel with the Path of the Lodestar; the fighter masters the art of the heavyweight boxer as the Pugilist; the monk combines arcane magic and unarmed combat in the Way of the Arcane Fist; and the rogue moves at blinding speed as the Speedster.

With new weapon properties, the new Fisticuffs fighting style, and two new spells, designer Josh Gentry will have your characters brawling in the taverns!

Illustrated by Jacob Blackmon.

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