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Reputation Rules: Organization Dice (D&D 5e)

Reputation Rules: Organization Dice (D&D 5e)

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Additional content for your 5th Edition Campaign.

Whether orders of mages, religious cults, or thieves' guilds any adventuring party is bound to interact with various groups throughout a campaign. Organization Dice give the PCs reputations (both good and bad) that the GM can use to keep easy track of their standing with various factions. In addition to the basic rules for Organization Dice (which can be used to create tables for any organization!) this article covers thieves' guilds—the next time a member of the party runs afoul of a settlement's gang or finds themselves in the good graces of the local criminal underworld pop open this article to see what happens!

Written by Trevor Wiley; illustrated by Renan Costa Moraes.

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