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Over The Next Hill: Stonewatch Lighthouse

Over The Next Hill: Stonewatch Lighthouse

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A new location for your 5th edition campaign.

Stonewatch is an aging lighthouse that looms above a particularly dangerous stretch of coastline. Its lone, weather-beaten spire rises from a rocky hilltop, as if stubbornly guarding against the thick ocean mists that churn below. The lighthouse itself is manned by an elderly knight in the middle of his final vigil, and a humble village nearby provides a modicum of refuge for passing travelers. 

Every light casts a shadow, though - and Stonewatch is no exception. The villagers whisper about strange, unexplained events, such as travellers disappearing from their rooms  and ghostly forms appearing on misty nights, seemingly emerging through the solid walls of the nearby lighthouse itself.  

Written by Tim Campbell; illustrated by C.F. Sorensen. Maps by Mik Holmes.