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N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game v1.3

N.O.W. The Modern Action Roleplaying Game v1.3

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This book was updated to v1.3 on Jan 9th, 2024. If you purchased it before then and didn't get an updated downloaded link, contact us and we'll get you the most recent version.

Play a secret agent, a weary investigator, an elite hacker, or a shadowy ninja. Are you a roving reporter, a kung-fu expert, or a weathered soldier? Dozen of modern careers await you!

This roleplaying game allows you to create and run adventures in any modern setting, from the late 1800s to the 21st century.

Whether you're an elite team operating undercover, a military unit, a group of vampire hunters, or apocalyptic survivors, N.O.W. has you covered!

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