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Mini-Adventure: Void Chrysalis (D&D 5e)

Mini-Adventure: Void Chrysalis (D&D 5e)

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An ancient and primal force seeks to once more take hold in Elissar, an entity that consumes heat and light until all is as frozen as its soul. This chilling terror has been banished from the realms material but a relic able to bring it back—the Void Heart, a gemstone that distills the impossibly cold void into corporeal form—has reached chrysalis, its task nearly complete. For every drop of the entity it brings into the world the next winter in Elissar will last for another month, and its immediate effects are already troubling the land with only one gathered thus far. Delicately designed by Mike Myler as part of the Elemental Adventure Path (following EN5ider #481 - MA: Wildwynd's Return), illustrated by Yihyoung Li, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos and Russ Morrissey. 

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