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Mini-Adventure: The Shuggin's Heist (D&D 5e)

Mini-Adventure: The Shuggin's Heist (D&D 5e)

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A mini-adventure for 4-5 PCs of 6th level 5th Edition Campaigns.

Today's article is for a mini-adventure that can be easily included into any city where there are thieves—in particular the trio of Gribbles, Big Sam, and Escraz. These burglars have trespassed onto the manor of a powerful mage and stolen a potent artifact, a deck of enchanted cards that have quickly turned the entire heist into a debacle that's garnered the entire settlement's attention. Several of the watch have already been injured trying to bring these brigands to justice and the PCs are called in to handle the situation, but can they?

Written by Tyler Omichinski, with illustration by Claudio Pozas and using a map by Dyson Logos.

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