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Mini-Adventure: Secret Faces of Velsburg (D&D 5e)

Mini-Adventure: Secret Faces of Velsburg (D&D 5e)

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A mini-adventure for your 5th Edition Campaign. Designed for 4-5 PCs of 5th level.

While traveling through the wilderness the adventurers come across a small hamlet plagued by a recent rash or murders committed by 'The Ghost'. The longer the party stay in Velsburg however, the quicker they realize that the supposedly bloodthirsty spirit preying upon the settlement is not the remote village's only mystery. In this sidequest to save Velsburg the PCs are confronted with a shocking truth underpinning it all and are presented with a dire dilemma: is it worth saving? 

Written by Charlie Brooks; illustrated by Savage Mojo; cartography from Dyson Logos.

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