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Magic Items: Prayerbooks & Scripture (D&D 5e)

Magic Items: Prayerbooks & Scripture (D&D 5e)

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Additional content for your 5th edition campaign.

In this PDF you'll find 6 unique prayerbooks (A Word of Salvation, Rites of Life, Imprication & Vindication, Journey Through the Aether, The Hierophant's Journal, and The Song of Creation) to bring some scholarly elements to the game for clerics and paladins, as well as guidelines for making your own prayerbooks, and a Sacred Story Generator to help generate lore. 

Written by Josh Gentry and Illustrated by Guilherme Sommermeyer.

Josh Gentry is not only a talented and creative game designer, he's also a studying theologian and minister in training at Emory University, making him uniquely suited to tackle religious subjects for RPGs.

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