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Level Up: Trials & Treasures (A5E)

Level Up: Trials & Treasures (A5E)

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Journeys, Treasure, and Mystery Await!

This essential rulebook for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition contains the full journey and exploration rules of the game, including details on regions, discoveries, and boons, dozens of exploration challenges, and rules for random encounters of all types.

Not only that, Trials & Treasures also contains over 500 magic items and rules for crafting them, from fantastically powerful artifacts to minor enchanted trinkets, and pages of advice and tools for creating encounters and running the game.

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Customer Reviews

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standard C grade

Considering how much I was wowed by the Adventurer's Guide, I had high hopes for this book - but it didn't quite deliver. I think the early focus on Exploration and various regions was much needed, but I was hoping that there would be a lot more material on the logistics of how to actual DM (sorry, Narrate) a game, which wasn't here. It opened with a somewhat inaccessible essay on safer spaces and inclusion (ironically, dressed up in highbrow language - so, could have been more inclusive!) which I think should have a place in the book, but not slap bang at the beginning. The extra magic items were fun (including the characterful typical crafting components), especially the various Pratchett-esque gremlins and the HRT puns, but I was slightly disappointed they didn't expand on the potion miscibility and magic item quirks which I first encountered in the 5e DMG...

My main thoughts it was the beginning of a good DMing guide, but an incomplete one. Seems that you have to have both this and the 5e DMG, whereas the other Level Up products I've read seem more stand-alone type affairs.

Riva Tropp

Really great

Ronald McCarrick
Very Nice

High quality, well thought out, and useful game products. I bought the three core books and each one of them is great.


Fantastic product! Excellent quality and very useful.

Drew C
Table usable, well written

I use this to prep for a 5e game every week. I love the encounter tables and exploration challenges. Well written, well organized, and very table usable. I would recommend this for any DM running any a5e, 5e, or 5e variant games!