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Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #18 (A5E)

Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #18 (A5E)

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The Gate Pass Gazette is the official monthly magazine for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Each month, this digital supplement delivers new rules and resources for your game.

If By Sea: Oceanic Exploration Challenges

A life on the high seas is one that can be undertaken for any number of reasons. Whether living life as a pirate, a merchant, or merely traveling from one place to another, many adventurers will need to take to the seas. However, the ocean is vast and terrible, including risks not only from mundane weather or other humanoids, but from horrors deep within its fathomless depths. Included here are a series of challenges that represent but a small sample of the potential dangers a seagoing vessel’s crew may face. By Tyler Omichinski

Exemplars of the Academy 2: Seekers of Secrets

Few things are more compelling to a genius-level intellect than intractable enigmas and long-unsolved mysteries, so it comes as no surprise that many savants devote their lives to such questions. A sequel to “Exemplars of the Academy” from Gate Pass Gazette Issue #12, this article continues the theme with three archetypes dedicated to unveiling secrets through their expertise in History, Investigation, and Religion. By Clarke Peterson

Elementaari, My Dear Water Son: Heritage and Culture Options for Genie-Born Planetouched

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. These are the core elements that have shaped the world since its genesis and will continue to do so until its ultimate destruction. While all can easily recognize the power these elements contain, the elementaari are among the few can actually claim to contain a portion of that power within themselves. In addition to tiefling and aasimar, players can now choose from the following planetouched heritage options with Narrator approval. By Anthony Alipio

Curious Creatures: Endemic Life

Adventurers encounter many terrifying beasts in their travels. From mighty owlbears to multi-headed hydras, the wilderness offers no shortage in hazardous fauna. Some creatures, however, are simply a part of the world, too small to offer much of a challenge against an adventurer’s might. The following creatures are what is known as endemic life: creatures, usually Tiny- or Small-size, that an adventuring party may encounter in their travels. Some provide boons, some may lead a curious follower to treasure—and at least one of them might steal it if you aren't paying attention! By Jessy Mullins

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