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Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #14 (A5E)

Level Up: Gate Pass Gazette Issue #14 (A5E)

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The Gate Pass Gazette is the official monthly magazine for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. Each month, this digital supplement delivers new rules and resources for your game.

The Magic of Art: Prisimancy Spells

While magic is an art, it takes a special talent to do magic using art. Prisimancy is a dangerous and rarely taught technique that channels the caster’s creative vision into the arcane spectrum. One’s own imagination can be filtered through a prism into untold works of magic and the wand becomes a painter’s brush in the prisimancer’s hand. By Andrew Engelbrite

Otherworldly Knights: Herald Archetypes

The herald class serves the powers that be—and many such powers are beyond human ken. Although the forces of eldritch power are more associated with warlocks and sorcerers, heralds can swear fealty to them just as easily. This article features archetypes for such knights beholden to (or in rebellion against) such entities. By Josh Gentry

Going to the Dogs: The Firmhadrai Heritage and Rover Culture

Some say that the gods themselves looked down upon the world and saw that while they had done well in creating dogs, they had erred in making their time with mortals too brief. To right this wrong, they made the first firmhadrai (pronounced fur-mad-rye) and gifted them with double the lifespan of mundane canines so that they might bring joy to the world for longer. Others say that they are the failed creations of deranged wizards and escaped from their extra-dimensional prison. Which of these directly opposite tales is true? For their part, a firmhadrai will often agree with whomever they are speaking to before being distracted by the wafting scent of food or a sudden movement. By PJ Coffey

Nature’s Protectors: The Saurian Three

Heroes of all kinds are called upon by nature whether they wield blade, claw, spell, or tooth. Some of those who answer the need utilize all of these, however, and few are as remarkably effective at protecting sacred places from trespassers, stopping fell prophecies from coming to pass, and taking revenge for lands despoiled as the brutal, ferocious, and vicious Saurian Three. These creatures have been blessed by nature with unmatched cunning and know how to utilize the tools of their most common foe—adventurers—to defend it. By Mike Myler

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