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Intriguing Organizations: Which Watch? (D&D 5e)

Intriguing Organizations: Which Watch? (D&D 5e)

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Additional content for your 5th edition campaign.

In every city adventurers tread one thing remains constant: there's probably a city watch or local police force.  Usually these guards only come into play when the plot requires it or a group of PCs start brazenly breaking the law, but minor as they often are that doesn't mean that all city watches will be the same.

That's where this article shines—use these templates and guides to rapidly change these often overlooked NPCs into an engaging (and intriguing) force for good, evil, law, or profit, adding a realistic and tangible aspect to the game that makes the local police an interesting element in any given settlement.

Brilliantly penned by Eran Aviram; illustrated by Indi Martin.

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