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Intriguing Organizations: Tribe of Nar'Adsch (D&D 5e)

Intriguing Organizations: Tribe of Nar'Adsch (D&D 5e)

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Additional Content for your 5th Edition Campaign.

After their nation was destroyed by a warlock a new society formed from the remains of a nameless kingdom: the Tribe of Nar'Adsch. These survivors and their kin gained an intense hatred for everything infernal, vowing to destroy all that is hellish with no mercy for deviltry of any ilk. They are relentless in their pursuit and have burned down whole villages just to eliminate a single warlock, eschewing the arcane and relying on brute force, skill, or the power of nature to complete their impossible goal. For those that have befriended them however the Tribe of Nar'Adsch can be excellent allies, their powerful druids able to share their spells and the occasional powerful magic item. 

Written by Finn Jaschke. Art by Matthew Burger.

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