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Intriguing Organizations: The Powder Gang (D&D 5e)

Intriguing Organizations: The Powder Gang (D&D 5e)

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Hidden within the dunes and blowing sands of the desert is what looks like an abandoned township built upon a dying oasis. A lone rifleman stands atop a watch tower looking for any inkling of threat, and when they spot one a single crack ripples through the air to alert those down below. Hundreds of the worst criminals, outlaws, and undesirables emerge carrying firearms, bombs, and wicked weaponry to defend their home.

These people refer to themselves as the Disciples of Kellan but travelers have grown to know them instead as the Powder Gang. This entry in the Intriguing Organizations series includes the CR 4 Powder Gang Grunt, CR 10 Powder Gang Commander, and statistics for powder bombs as well as two variants (the crackshot template and heavy gunner template) to round out the band of ne'er-do-wells.

Dangerously designed by Jim Mills, illustrated by Indi Martin.

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