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Intriguing Organizations: The Osseus Dwarves of the Hollow Mountain

Intriguing Organizations: The Osseus Dwarves of the Hollow Mountain

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Additional content for your 5th Edition Campaign.

In the ancient past the exiles of a dwarven kingdom made their own home by hollowing out a mountain and building a fortress atop it, embracing the defensive measure that saw them cast out by their kin—necromancy.  Eventually the world saw their civilization undone but someone (perhaps even the party or someone they know) raided the entrance to their seemingly abandoned city. This trespass has disturbed the slumber of the stout folk and now they rise again as undead, masterless and deluded into believing they live still. The few who know of them call them the Osseus Dwarves for they believe the weapons and armor they forge is made of steel, unaware and unable to see not only their own changed forms, but also that they wield and wear the bones of the dead. 

This PDF includes 2 new magic items (boneplate and the bone warhammer), 3 new monsters (Osseous Agent, their leader Blue Helm, and the awesome Siege Mammoth!), and all the details a GM might need to include this group in a game.

Designed by Eran Aviram. Illustrated by Indi Martin.