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Into the Feywild (D&D 5e)

Into the Feywild (D&D 5e)

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This 33-page book contains a fey-themed adventure, plus 18 new fey-themed critters ranging from CR 0 to CR 11. In these pages you'll find jackalopes, wampus cats, dreaming trees, and flower mice, plus fey beasts inspired by folklore; and you'll venture into the Hedgegrove, the realm of Princess Dandelion, an immortal Archfey of the Summer Court.

Here's a look at the contents.

  •  Adventure in the Feywild. An adventure from Kiel Chenier. The adventurers are trapped in a strange land - can they find their way home? And can they navigate the labyrinthine Hedgegrove, domain of Princess Daneliean Dendelion? Illustrated by Egil Thompson.
  •  From Stranger Woods. Four fantastical new fey monsters for your 5E game! The goat-horned ochokochi with a bony cleaver; the capricious trickster poludnitsa; the angelic-looking samovila, ladies of drought and harvest; and the repulsive via, with their gaze of dread. These creatures are inspired by Eastern European folklore. By Artem Serebrennikov; illustarted by Sade.
  •  Fearsome Critters. Writer John Bupp takes a look at a handful of fearsome fey critters! The small, apelike agropelter hurls branches from nearby trees; the infamous jackalope can mimic any sound it hears; the short, pudgy puckwudgie can be helpful, but a terrible foe if slighted; and the six-legged campus cat can terrify its prey with its mere gaze. Illustrated by Vanessa Bailey.
  •  Beasts of the Feywild. More summer means more fey! This time we have a bunch of new fey beasts for your 5E game - from the Dreaming Tree to the Sylvan Spaniel, from the Moon Horse to the Flower Mouse, these creatures from writer Jason Reilly are sure to enhance your game sessions! Illustrated by Vanessa Bailey.
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