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Here There Be Dragons: Unique Dragons For Your D&D Game!

Here There Be Dragons: Unique Dragons For Your D&D Game!

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Meet Syndrathrax the Soul Hoarder, Bezkusmet the Unscaled, Glamdrellyxxana the Gold, Teyladin the Reclaimer, and The Librarian of Orban Tur. 

With five unique dragons ranging from CR 9 to a mighty CR 27, and a collection of draconic rules and player options, this 28-page softcover book contains brand new wyrm-based material for your 5th Edition game! 

Each dragon is lovingly detailed over several pages, with its own description, backstory, illustration, and those all-important game statistics!

 Here's a look at the five dragons you'll find in this book:

  • Syndrathrax the Soul Hoarder (CR 27). A mighty CR 27 monster! While technically an ancient red dragon, Syndrathrax’s necromantic transformations and attempted apotheoses have forever altered her. Though she shares the massive size of her fellow red wyrms she is gaunt and skeletal, and her scales sapped of their red lustre and now bone white. Thanks to the necromantic energy that permeates her body she radiates a faint spectral glow that she can mask when she chooses—the souls of those that she has swallowed are sometimes seen struggling vainly to escape in this light. By Christopher Rippee; illustrated by Indi Martin.
  •  Bezkusmet the Unscaled (CR 10). Dragons are known to be terrifying but all pale in comparison to Bezkusmet the Unscaled. As his name suggests there is no hue or substance to his draconic scute leaving his musculature and skeleton bared for the world to see, lattices of finger-thick veins and arteries the size of a human’s wrist inexorably pumping blood across his utterly naked body. Only a thin sheen of transparent magic holds Bezkusmet’s organs and muscles in place, the last of the twisted supernatural energies of his birthright all that keeps him intact. By Mike Myler; illustrated by Claudio Pozas and Ekaterinya Vladinakova. 


  •  Glamdrellyxxana the Gold (CR 19)A gold dragon druid under the influence of an ancient curse, Glamdrellyxxana believes the only way to ensure that the world remains ‘good’ is to destroy all humanoid life. From her lair, in a mountain lake, she's amassed an army of plant creatures to sweep down across the world and cleanse it of the blight from meddling civilizations destined to bring ruin with their advancement, yet the dragon often feels melancholy about the need to destroy so many living things. Glamdrellyxxana is resigned to this course of action, however, convinced by fell visions of an industrialized future—and distracted by mind-altering plants when the guilt becomes too much to bear. By Will Gawned; illustrated by Júlio Rocha.


  •  Teyladin the Reclaimer (CR 9)There are those among the fey who look at bustling cities and thriving towns, fishing boats, and lumber camps only to see a plague ravaging the natural world, plundering and despoiling its ancient beauty. When those ageless, cunning folk came upon a green dragon egg they knew they held a potentially powerful weapon—thus Teyladin was raised to be a champion who in time will help end the scourge of civilization and return the world to its primal, pristine state. Written by Ben Green.


  •  The Librarian of Orban Tur (CR 25). According to legend the sigil of the library—a snaking silver dragon—isn’t just for show. Some say the mosaic depiction of the creature (hundreds of feet long with dozens of short powerful legs) comes alive to protect the collection from thieves and vandals. What no living soul knows, though a few of the wise quietly suspect, is that the true Dragon of Orban Tur is the librarian herself. For centuries she has dwelt there collecting histories and writing countless volumes of her own by scrying on those who keep her Library Silvers. In her true form, she is an ancient silver memory dragon, consuming the minds of those who provoke her wrath. Written by Ben Green; illustrated by Alba Palacio and Ellis Goodson.
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