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Galactic Sentience Catalog

Galactic Sentience Catalog

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This manual contains over fifty alien races for your science-fiction WOIN games! From expanded Androids and Human variants, to crystalline, avian, insectoid, reptilian, and even plant-based species, inside you will find a wealth of choices for your next player character!

Meet creatures like:

  • Acorax, winged humanoid bird-men

  • Argons, tall furry humanoids

  • Bragi, octopus-like astrogators

  • Kithik, mantis-like warriors

  • Solurials, large tree-like plant people

  • Torbanites, aliens with skin made of marble

  • Zetans, a race which moves at incredible speed

  • and so many more.

Also included is the Racebuilding Engine, so that you can easily build your own custom alien race ready for play!

Requires the use of a What's OLD is NEW core rulebook.

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