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Frozen Archetypes (D&D 5e)

Frozen Archetypes (D&D 5e)

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Spring is here and for most of us winter has passed, but before the season is truly behind us we've got four chilly class archetypes to include in your game! First off there are two barbarian primal paths: Frostbitten warriors that wield cold like a weapon and those who choose to be Titanic, gradually increasing in size whenever they rage. Next up are Frozen Blood monks, a perfect option for those hermit characters dwelling alone in the mountains. Finally there's the Cold Soul warlock patron who grants powerful control over ice that allows followers to substitute cold damage in their spells, propel themselves using it, and ultimately the ability to condense the moisture in the air into a massive frozen boulder to drop onto foes!  

Designed by Mike Myler, illustrated by Savage Mojo. 

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