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Fantastic Humans (D&D 5e)

Fantastic Humans (D&D 5e)

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In many RPGs, humans are the "default" standard for racial abilities; they tend to be the ordinary race. But humans are exceptional, just like elves and dwarves are, and this article introduces a range of variant human traits to your 5E game, designed to represent the breadth of human endeavour. These traits replace the generic +1 to each ability score that humans get, and instead allow you to choose three traits from a list including Cross-County Endurance, Life-Saving Scars, Clever Tools, Nomad's Perseverance, and more. Also included are four human feats - Dauntless scars, Human Adaptability, Ready to Go, and Wand Master.

By Michael McCarthy; illustrated by Claudio Pozas.

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